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Before any job begins, RESPOL’s skilled and vastly experienced technical staff consult with the customer. This involves a very detailed inspection and analysis which is free of charge with a no obligation survey and recommendations. This first step is essential so that our team can determine and identify the correct substrate preparation for a successful flooring system.

The success of any flooring system depends upon the substrate. This is the basis of any floor and it must meet the highest standards whether it is a new substrate or an old one that can be refurbished. Once the substrate is deemed to be in the best possible condition, RESPOL begins its comprehensive, dust free preparation procedures.

The substrate preparation is essential so that a durable bond can be achieved between the priming system and the substrate. The result of the preparation is a clean, residue and contaminant-free, prepared surface which guarantees a successful, finished flooring system. Once the priming system and the substrate is completely free from any residue from other contaminants, it is ready for the application of the finished flooring system.

All the preparation work, indeed all the work, equipment and personnel involved in floor installations, is done in house. Furthermore, our equipment is constantly updated to overcome all situations. We offer pain-free application and all documentation and surveys are included in the cost.

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